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Lets Get Down To Business


Appearing on the film's soundtrack Mulan: Murphy's line, however, is the only one to be spoken instead of sung. Prior to MulanOsmond had auditioned for the role of Hercules in Disney's Herculesa role for which he was ultimately turned down by the directors because they felt that he sounded too old. Disney eventually cast Osmond as the singing voice of Shang Lets Get Down Business his singing voice is similar to Wong's speaking voice.

An up-tempo military-style song, "I'll Make a Man Out of You" is performed by Shang during a rigorous training montage in which his young, inexperienced soldiers attempt to justify their worth. The song's title is considered ironic because Mulan, who relies on intelligence, ultimately proves more competent than her male comrades, including Captain Li Shang, who takes a liking to her.

Critics have also drawn comparisons between the song and Disney's Herculeswhile likening Mulan's role and transformation to actress Demi Moore 's Lets Get Down Business as Lieutenant Jordan O'Neil in the film G. The song has since appeared on several "best of" Disney songs lists, including those of Total Film and the New York Post. Discussed by film critics, film historians, academic journalists and feminists, the song has gone on to be recorded and covered in several different languages—namely Mandarin, Cantonese and Spanish—by entertainers Jackie Chan and Cristian Castrorespectively.

I think the blend [of their styles] worked well together, especially on ['I'll Make a Man Out of You']". Originally, songwriter Stephen Schwartzwho had just recently worked as a lyricist opposite composer Alan Menken on Disney's Pocahontas and The Hunchback of Notre Damewas slated to write the lyrics for Mulanbut he was replaced by Zippel "at the last moment.

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